Sell Your Property

Listing properties is my favorite part of my job. I love working with sellers to find a perfect price, establish a plan, and then execute on it. I will work very closely with you to get your property sold for the highest amount and in the timeframe that is best for you. 

I focus on the 3 P's of selling a home - Price, Pictures and Process. 

Price - we will work together to establish a competitive price that will entice buyers to look. I'll explain how pricing in the wrong "search range" can hurt your showings. I will also update you regularly with market updates so you can ensure your property is priced right. 

Pictures - I don't just mean taking great listing pictures, but it's certainly a necessary start. I still see listing photos in MLS that are awful. Kitchen sinks full of dishes, unmade beds, dark or blurry shots, or my favorite.... pictures with the date on them. Yikes!  I will get you excellent pictures and a YouTube video tour that will highlight the best parts of your property and eliminate wasted showings (they'll have seen the house online so there won't be surprises that turn them off -- they'll just be there to confirm it's as great as it looked!  Of course, once we have those pictures I'll make sure they get distributed on all the popular websites so your home gets the maximum exposure. 

Process - Helping you navigate the process is where an agent comes in the most useful. It's absolutely valuable to have someone negotiating on your behalf. It creates a divide that allows you time to think and make the right decision. I will also help you review offers, interpret inspection reports, help with necessary repairs and navigate the closing hurdles that inevitably come up. I've been an agent for a long time & I have experienced all of the crazy things that can come up in a sale. Let me help you through the process. 

Additionally, since most of my listings are second homes, I am happy to help you coordinate all of the pre-listing and selling procedures.  I can help you get the grass cut, the house cleaned, the driveway plowed, the walkway shoveled, the lights & heat on and off, etc.  A lot goes into making a property look great for buyers.  I will make sure all goes perfectly for you.

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