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5 Mistakes North Conway, NH Homeowners Often Make When Selling (And Why Calling North Conway Realty Early is a Game-Changer)

North Conway homeowners! Thinking about putting your home on the market? Before you get too excited, let's chat about some common slip-ups folks tend to make. Trust me; you'll want to sidestep these to ensure a smooth sale. And hey, there's a bonus tip at the end – hint: it involves contacting North Conway Realty sooner rather than later.

1. Neglecting Curb Appeal:
   Picture this: a potential buyer drives by, sees your place, and thinks, "Eh, not interested." Why? Curb appeal. North Conway's got that scenic charm, so don't skimp on sprucing up the exterior. A bit of landscaping and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders.  When listing your property, North Conway Realty has people ready to tackle some of these projects for you.

2. Ignoring Necessary Repairs:
   Leaky faucet? Peeling paint? Hold up before listing! Ignoring necessary fixes might cost you in the long run. Get a pre-listing inspection, tackle those repairs, and make sure your home is in tip-top shape. Trust me, buyers notice the little things.  As a new bonus, North Conway Realty is now offering a complimentary pre-listing inspection!  Don't get caught off guard in the middle of your sale.

3. Incorrectly Pricing the Property:
   Let's talk dollars and cents. Overpricing scares folks away, while underpricing means you're leaving money on the table. Do your homework, maybe chat with a local real estate pro, and find the the price that gets buyers excited to see your property.

4. Inadequate Home Staging:
   Ever walk into a cluttered room and feel overwhelmed? Buyers do too. Clear out the unnecessary stuff, depersonalize a bit, and give your home some breathing room. Proper staging can make all the difference in showcasing what makes your place special.

5. Not Contacting North Conway Realty Early Enough:
   And here's the grand finale – not picking up the phone and calling North Conway Realty early in the game. Let 20 years of real estate experience work for you. You will get personalized advice, local insights, and a smoother selling experience. It's like having a secret weapon for your home-selling journey.

In a nutshell, steer clear of these blunders, and you'll be well on your way to a successful home sale in North Conway. Remember, it's not just about selling a house; it's about selling the North Conway lifestyle. So, grab your to-do list, give North Conway Realty a ring, and let's get that 'For Sale' sign up with confidence!

North Conway Real Estate Update

Here are some real estate metrics! Whether you're a buyer or a seller, understanding these numbers can give you a powerful advantage in the market. 

First up, we have the Months Supply of Inventory, which currently stands at 3.69. This metric represents the number of months it would take to sell all the homes on the market, assuming no new listings come in. A lower number suggests a seller's market, where demand exceeds supply, causing prices to potentially rise. In our case, 3.69 months indicates a fairly balanced market, where both buyers and sellers have room to maneuver.

Now, let's take a look at the 12-Month Change in Months of Inventory, which has seen a whopping increase of 64.73%. This significant jump indicates that the market has become more favorable for buyers over the past year. With more inventory available, buyers have more options to choose from, potentially leading to increased negotiation power and lower prices.

Moving on, we have the Median Days Homes are On the Market, which currently stands at just 8 days. This metric represents the average number of days it takes for a home to be sold. A lower number here suggests a fast-paced market, with homes flying off the shelves in no time. In our case, 8 days indicates a high demand for properties, making it crucial for buyers to act swiftly if they find a home they love.

Now, let's talk about the List to Sold Price Percentage, which currently sits at an impressive 99.7%. This percentage represents the ratio between the original listing price and the final sold price of a property. A higher percentage suggests that homes are selling very close to their initial asking prices, indicating a strong market and potentially limited room for negotiation. With a 99.7% List to Sold Price Percentage, sellers can feel confident that their homes are fetching top dollar.

Finally, we have the Median Sold Price, which currently stands at $560,000. This metric represents the middle point of all the sold prices in a given area. For sellers, a higher median sold price is great news, indicating that they have the potential to fetch a higher price for their own property. On the other hand, buyers should be prepared for competitive pricing and potentially need to adjust their budgets accordingly.

Now that we've explored these real estate metrics, it's clear that the market is in a unique state. With a balanced supply and demand, buyers have more options than before. The increase in inventory over the past year gives buyers a chance to find their dream home without feeling rushed. However, the low Median Days Homes are On the Market indicates that the competition is fierce, and buyers need to act quickly.

Sellers, you're in luck as well! With the List to Sold Price Percentage at an impressive 99.7%, you can feel confident that you have a strong chance of selling your property near your desired price. And with the Median Sold Price sitting at $560,000, it's clear that the market is favoring sellers, potentially allowing you to make a tidy profit.

So, whether you're a buyer or a seller, these real estate metrics provide valuable insight into the market's current state. Stay informed, be proactive, and remember to adapt your strategies accordingly. Happy buying and selling!

North Conway Rec Path is officially Open

In a heartwarming celebration attended by nearly 100 people, the MWV (Mount Washington Valley) Trails Association's North Conway Rec Path was officially inaugurated at the northern end of the 2.9-mile paved recreational route. The event saw the gathering of individuals who had dedicated their efforts to bringing this project to life, including the visionary behind it, 90-year-old retired SAU 9 psychologist Steve Swenson. Swenson, who originally conceived the idea over two decades ago, expressed his joy at seeing the project come to fruition, highlighting the teamwork and dedication of everyone involved.

The project, with a total cost of $3.6 million, received funding from various sources, including the New Hampshire Community Development Tax Authority ($240,000), the Connie Davis Watson Foundation ($300,000), the Ham Foundation ($300,000), the Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation ($200,000), The Berry Companies River Run ($100,000), and thousands of dollars from businesses, individuals, and fundraising events such as the "Rock the Rec" concerts and Mountain Meisters' "pay-to-run" fundraisers, held at Cranmore Mountain.

Speakers at the ceremony included capital campaign co-chairs Ted and Sharon Wroblewski, who praised the project's significance. Conway Selectman John Colbath represented board chair Mary Carey Seavey and the board, expressing his support for this community-enhancing endeavor. Ben Wilcox, president and general manager of Cranmore Mountain Resort, highlighted how the Rec Path opens up opportunities for people of all abilities and called Cranmore Mountain Resort "Conway's park."

Furthermore, the Rec Path has three access points: Cranmore, Thompson Road, and Hemlock Lane, making it easily accessible for the community. The path is not only a testament to the community's shared values but also a beautiful and safe space for people to enjoy exercise and scenic beauty. The event showcased how a dedicated community can come together to create a healthy and vibrant space for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.


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Conway Introduces Rental Inspection Program for Enhanced Safety

Conway Introduces Rental Inspection Program for Enhanced Safet

In a proactive move to prioritize the safety Conway, New Hampshire, has launched a comprehensive rental inspection program. The program, initiated after a unanimous 5-0 vote by the Selectmen on August 5th, encompasses both long-term and short-term rental properties, including single-family homes and duplexes. Deputy Town Manager Paul DegliAngli has underlined the urgency for property owners to secure a rental license or initiate the application process by January 1st, highlighting the town's commitment to safety.

Licensing Options

Property owners have been presented with two distinct options, available until December 31st, to meet the program's requirements:

1. **Comprehensive Inspection**: Property owners can choose to complete a detailed form and pay a fee of $375. This choice entails allowing a fire department official to conduct a thorough inspection of the rental property, guided by a 10-point life safety checklist. Successful completion of this inspection results in the issuance of a rental license, valid for an impressive three-year period. Importantly, the form must be notarized for validation.

2. **Self-Affidavit**: Alternatively, owners may opt for a "self-affidavit," affirming that their property adheres to established life safety codes. This option carries a reduced fee of $125 but comes with a shorter validity period of one year.

**First-Movers: Mary and Wayne Bolduc**

Leading the way in embracing the program's safety measures were Mary and Wayne Bolduc, proud residents of Redstone and owners of a duplex on Greenstone Street. Having owned the duplex since 2008, they chose the first option to ensure their property underwent a meticulous inspection. Mary expressed their satisfaction with the process, stating, "We're just happy to know that everything is safe." Their inspection, conducted on August 29th and lasting a mere 10-15 minutes, culminated in the issuance of their rental license on August 30th.

Rental License: Symbol of Safety

The rental license, a certificate embellished with the town seal, stands as tangible proof that the property has successfully passed a life safety inspection, meticulously conducted by local fire departments. This certification grants authorization for rental, and its validity spans an impressive three years. Upon expiration, the license necessitates renewal through re-inspection.

Program Progress and Future Prospects

Nicholas DeVito, the Conway Zoning Officer, expressed his satisfaction with the program's progress, stating that the new life safety inspections program has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. He emphasized the program's growth potential and commitment to further enhancing its effectiveness in the future. DeVito also outlined the inspection process for upcoming assessments, which will involve an inspector from one of the fire precincts and himself.

Safety Criteria

The life safety inspection criteria encompass a range of essential elements, including ensuring that the address number is visible from the street, hard-wired smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, sufficient egress, annual servicing of central heating systems, chimneys and wood stoves compliant with codes, an up-to-code electrical system, an adequate number of fire extinguishers, code-compliant fire pits, and safe grill placement. A detailed checklist is available for reference.

Differing Opinions

It's worth noting that not everyone in the community is entirely aligned with the program. The Mt. Washington Valley Association for Responsible Rentals has voiced concerns, with its president, David Cavanaugh, raising questions about the legality of licensing single-family homes and the physical inspection of such properties.

Program Uptake

As of now, the town has issued a total of three licenses and three affidavits under the program, according to Administrative Assistant Valerie Kollander.

First License Granted

The Bolducs, who received their inaugural license via mail, plan to safeguard it in a filing cabinet. They take pride in being the first to have their rental property inspected and licensed, aptly summarized by Wayne, who remarked, "Pretty cool to be No. 1, wouldn’t you say?"


Conway Begins Rental Licensing on 9/1

Starting this Friday (9/1), the town of Conway is kicking off a new rental license and inspection program. Basically, if you're renting out your place, you need to get a license for it. They've already got a few folks signing up, and they're aiming to start inspections next week or so.

Here's the deal: if you're a property owner, you've got two options. Option one is filling out a form, paying $375, and having the fire department inspect your rental based on a safety checklist. If you pass, you'll get a three-year rental license. Option two, available till the end of the year, involves a $125 fee and a self-affidavit form confirming your place is up to safety codes.

Starting next year, the self-affidavit option is out, and everyone needs to go through the inspection process. The inspections are about stuff like having working smoke alarms, proper exits, safe heating, and more.

Fire chiefs from different areas will be doing the inspections. There were some folks who didn't quite like this plan during public discussions, worrying it could make the housing crisis worse. But the town officials are aiming for safety without making things harder for renters or landlords.

The whole idea behind this is to make sure rental properties are safe because there have been cases of dangerous situations in rentals elsewhere. The town of Durham has been doing something like this for a while, and they found a bunch of safety issues during inspections.

Got questions? Contact Nicholas DeVito, the Conway Zoning Officer, for more info - (603) 447-3811, ext. 231 or ndevito@conwaynh.org.

Here is a copy of the Self Inspection Checklist

Freedom's STR rules are being challenged...

there's this situation in Freedom, where a couple, James and Susan Cotter, are taking the town's short-term rental ordinance to the New Hampshire Housing Appeals Board. These folks split their time between Freedom and Massachusetts, and they're represented by a lawyer who previously won a case against Conway's attempt to regulate short-term rentals.

The Cotters are challenging the town's new rules on short-term rentals, saying that their use of their property was established before these rules came into play. They've got a hearing scheduled for October, and you can even join in via Webex.

The town passed its short-term rental ordinance last year and started sending warnings to short-term rental owners like the Cotters. The Cotters are being backed by an association that supports responsible vacation rentals.

The case is centered around whether the town can impose these new regulations and if the rules even apply to the Cotters. They're arguing that the town can't restrict the number of days they legally rent out their home, based on a previous court ruling.

The town, on the other hand, believes that they can regulate short-term rentals and that property owners who want to rent more than 90 days a year need to get a conditional use permit. They say it's about ensuring public health, safety, and the environment.

Both sides have their legal arguments, and it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. This is becoming a trend in New Hampshire towns, and this case could set a precedent for how short-term rentals are regulated in the future.

Madison Looks to Shut Down New STRs

The town of Madison is going on the offensive against STRs (short term rentals) that started renting after March 2022 when voters passed a warrant article saying residential homes could not be used as short term rentals.  It's a very interesting decision considering the NH Supreme Court's recent decision that said short term rentals are an acceptable residential use in Conway.  Click here for the full story

Want to avoid short term rentals? Here are some places to look

If you want a development that does not allow short term rentals, here are some places to look:

  • Bartlett Place in Bartlett (60 day min)
  • Cranmore Woods in North Conway
  • Saco Woods in Conway
  • Mount Cranmore condos in North Conway (they limit to 5 rentals per year)
  • Northface in North Conway (30 day minimum)
  • Partridge Woods in Bartlett (30 day minimum)
  • Black Mountain Meadows in Jackson

North Conway Golf Courses

Golf in North Conway, NH

North Conway, New Hampshire is a popular destination for golfers of all skill levels. The town is home to several golf courses, each with its own unique challenges and beauty.

Here are a few of the best golf courses in North Conway:

  • North Conway Country Club: This 18-hole course is located in the heart of North Conway Village. It is a challenging course with rolling hills and water hazards.

    North Conway Country Club golf course in North Conway, NHnorthconwaycountryclub.com

    North Conway Country Club golf course in North Conway, NH

  • Hale's Location Golf Course: This 9-hole course is located in the town of Hale's Location. It is a scenic course with stunning views of the White Mountains.

    Hale's Location Golf Course in Hale's Location, NHWhite Mountain Hotel & Resort

    Hale's Location Golf Course in Hale's Location, NH

  • Wentworth Golf Club: This 18-hole course is located in the town of Jackson. It is a challenging course with narrow fairways and deep bunkers.

    Wentworth Golf Club in Jackson, NHwww.wentworthgolf.com

    Wentworth Golf Club in Jackson, NH

  • Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club: This 18-hole course is located in the town of Jackson. It is a challenging course with mountain views.

    Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club in Jackson, NHEagle Mountain House

    Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club in Jackson, NH

  • Lake Kezar Country Club: This 18-hole course is located in the town of Lovell, Maine. It is a challenging course with water hazards and rolling hills.

    Lake Kezar Country Club in Lovell, Mainewww.lakekezargolf.com

    Lake Kezar Country Club in Lovell, Maine

In addition to these five courses, there are several other golf courses in the area that are worth checking out. No matter what your skill level or experience, you are sure to find a course that you will enjoy in North Conway.

Here are some tips for planning your golf trip to North Conway:

  • Book your tee times early: The golf courses in North Conway are popular, so it is important to book your tee times early, especially during the peak season (June-August).
  • Bring your own clubs: If you are planning on renting clubs, be sure to do so in advance. The rental shops in North Conway can get busy, especially on weekends.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: You will be doing a lot of walking, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring sunscreen: The sun can be strong in the mountains, so be sure to bring sunscreen.
  • Have fun: North Conway is a beautiful place to play golf. Relax and enjoy the scenery.


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