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Why you should plan your vacation right now

We've all heard it before: VACATIONS ARE GOOD FOR YOU! But what does that mean? Well, for starters it means  you have an excellent reason to tell your boss that you need some (paid) time off. It also means that taking a vacation this summer should be a priority for your health, happiness, and sake of your family.

Recently, was kind enough to publish five reasons that vacations are good for your health. They include:

1.  Help you bust the stress rut (and maybe your stress gut)

2. Give your heart a break

3. Help you get closer to your family 

4. Make you smarter at work

5. Make you happier

You can read more about that here, or just take our word for it.

So... now that we've convinced you to break out the swim wear and ignore the office for a bit, what's next? Well, you're going to need a great place to stay of course! (And clearly you've come to the right place!) This Channel Road property, located on Ossipee Lake is just what the Dr. ordered. This four bedroom two bathroom home sleeps ten people and is ideal for multiple families. It has a private sandy beach which is perfect for relaxation! Happy Vacationing to you!




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