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Homes Are Selling FAST!

I read an article this week that caught my eye.

According to Redfin, 1 in 3 offers recently made were prepared without the buyers actually seeing the property!
Properties are selling so quickly that buyers are jumping to get homes and condos under contract before they can schedule a time to view them.

I have two properties under agreement that follow that same trend.  Buyers who knew what they were looking for, got the alert of new listings and were confident to make solid offers before they could arrange for a time to view the properties.  Of course, the offers provided contingencies that would have allowed them out of the contract (inspections, review of condo rules, etc).

If you have been missing out on a hot neighborhood, let me know.  I will do the following:
1) set up a geographical search (right down to the street you want) that will send you alerts immediately when something is listed
2) get all details for you 
3) FaceTime with you at the property or take some video and email to you.

If you are trying to buy in a hot neighborhood, you need an agent who will hustle for you.

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