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Carroll County Property Owners Now Have Access to Property Watch

Dear Carroll County Residents,

We are pleased to announce an important initiative from the Carroll County Registry of Deeds, spearheaded by Register Scott, aimed at bolstering the security of your most significant asset: your home. The introduction of the complimentary Property Watch service is a part of our ongoing commitment to exceptional customer service and proactive fraud prevention within our community.

The Importance of Property Watch:

Property and mortgage fraud are becoming a significant concern as per FBI reports. This form of fraud typically involves the unauthorized recording of fraudulent documents, falsely asserting ownership or creating fictitious obligations against a property owner’s name.

The launch of the Property Watch service is a strategic response to this growing threat, offering a robust mechanism to alert property owners of any potentially fraudulent activity associated with their property.

How Property Watch Works:

The Carroll County Registry of Deeds is the custodian of public records related to real estate within the county, encompassing deeds, mortgages, and records of foreclosure, among others. The Property Watch service functions as an early warning system, automatically notifying registered users via email if a document recorded at the Registry of Deeds matches their name. This notification includes a link to the recorded document, allowing property owners to review and assess its legitimacy promptly.

Enrollment Process:

Signing up for the Property Watch service is streamlined and user-friendly. Interested individuals are encouraged to enter their email address on the provided platform, followed by their name as it appears on their property records. The service permits the addition of up to five names per email address, accommodating multiple property owners or different family members. Upon submission, users will receive a confirmation email, marking the completion of the enrollment process.

Adjusting Notifications:

For those already enrolled in the Property Watch service wishing to modify their notifications—be it adding new names or altering existing ones—re-accessing the platform with your registered email will display your current notifications. From here, modifications can be made effortlessly to ensure that the service continues to meet your changing needs.

In conclusion, the Property Watch service is a testament to Carroll County's dedication to safeguarding its residents' properties from fraudulent activities. Register Scott’s initiative is a forward-thinking approach to enhancing the security and peace of mind for property owners throughout the county.

We encourage all property owners in Carroll County to take advantage of this free service, reinforcing the protection of your most valuable assets against potential fraud.

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