Save with Dave!

In this market, home are selling fast.  Not months, not weeks, days!  For that reason, I have created a new listing program to benefit sellers of homes in high demand.  This program offers a 2.5% buyer agency fee and a $2500 flat fee listing agency fee.  Sellers can save thousands compared to my usual 5% fee.

This is NOT a discount commission plan, or a lesser service.  It is just a fair program for sellers who have homes that will sell quickly.

Here is what you get as a seller:

  1. Perfect Pricing - Looking at the most recent properties, along with current demand, we will come up with the best price for your property.
  2. A 25 day listing agreement.  If the home has not sold & you are happy with my service, we’ll extend the agreement.  If you are not satisfied, you are not stuck in a long term contract.
  3. Listing in MLS
  4. Yard Sign
  5. Electronic lockbox for maximum security
  6. Great pictures to showcase your home
  7. YouTube Video tour to highlight the property
  8. Targeted ads on Facebook - check out our Facebook page
  9. Targeted ads on Instagram
  10. Targeted ads on Twitter
  11. Listing on
  12. Listing on
  13. Listing on
  14. You’ll be listed on all local real estate sites (that participate in MLS)
  15. Featured listing on
  16. Email blast to my large database
  17. Individual notes sent to other top agents in your neighborhood
  18. Property marketed to my large database of renters
  19. Radio mentions (when those ads are playing)
  20. Craigslist ads
  21. Professional flyers
  22. Weekly updates for you
  23. Coordinating showings and requesting feedback for you
  24. Review of inspection and assistance getting any needed repairs done
  25. Full service until the end of closing

There are some additional services that you can add a la carte (such as open house, print ads and professional photography).

If you're interested, I would love to discuss it with you.