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Coach DaveThank you for exploring my website. I hope you find the answers and information you need.  

I specialize in vacation homes & I would love to discuss your real estate needs to see if my services can help you locate the perfect vacation property in the White Mountains. I am also able to provide you with a detailed income projection that will show the real rental potential for any propertyClick here to see an example of one.

There are a number of popular searched on this site (Here is a link to those).  I also have a number of map-based searches set up (if you are looking in a specific neighborhood). Those are set up in my internal MLS, but I'd be happy to add your email - just contact me & I'll take care of it. 

The buying process can be tricky when you're not in the area full time. It's my job to be your contact in the Mount Washington Valley for all things real estate.  I can preview homes for you, recommend home inspectors, septic inspectors, title companies, lenders and more. I also work closely with a number of service providers (through my property management) so I can help get you set up with electricians, plumbers, plow companies and just about anything else. 

Because I manage vacation rentals, my real expertise is helping to identify properties with solid rental potential. I know the best areas, what renters want in a rental home, insurance red flags to avoid, and I can give you realistic rental income numbers. If you are looking for a vacation property... we should talk!

Click here to see the buying process in New Hampshire 

Here are some of the documents we use in New Hampshire.  It's a good idea to get familiar with them ahead of time.  You don't want to be reading through all of this for the first time when you are ready to make an offer.

And of course, feel free to call, text or email me with any questions!

If you are serious about buying, please use this link to schedule a time for a free buyer consultation to discuss your search.  During our buyer consultation, we will discuss:

  • Pro's and con's of different property types and what is right for you.

  • How you will be purchasing (cash, finance) and suggestions of recommended lenders.

  • The process of purchasing in New Hampshire (review of the NH Purchase & Sale Agreement, stamp tax, inspections, etc)

  • If you are looking for rental property, let's make sure we avoid areas or HOA's with restrictions.

Happy House Hunting!