Sell Your Property

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Let's Connect: A Personalized Approach to Selling Your Home

Selling your home is an intimate experience that demands trust and a comfortable working relationship. I understand the importance of finding the right partner to guide you through the process, even during challenging conversations. I invite you to join me for a conversation, either over a cup of coffee or by phone, to explore if we are the perfect fit. If our connection doesn't resonate, I am more than willing to recommend another qualified agent.

Strategic Pricing for Success

A successful seller thinks like a buyer. By reverse engineering the pricing process and adopting a buyer's perspective, we can accurately position your property in the market. We analyze comparable properties in the area, focusing on recent sales rather than relying solely on asking prices. This meticulous approach, combined with an assessment of current demand, enables us to determine the optimal price for your property.

The Importance of Price Range

Aligning with the buyer's mindset is crucial, especially concerning the price range. Listing your property at $400,000, for example, ensures exposure to a broader and more targeted audience compared to a listing at $401,000, or even $399,000. By strategically placing your property in the right price range, we maximize visibility and engagement.

Preemptive Inspections for Peace of Mind

North Conway Realty offers a complimentary pre-inspection for your property. Identifying and addressing potential issues in advance prevents unwelcome surprises during the sale. Proactive measures reduce stress, providing a smoother selling experience once an offer is accepted.

Captivating Imagery: Professional Photography and Drone Shots

Partnering with acclaimed photographer Joe Viger, we ensure your property is showcased at its best. From professional interior shots to captivating drone photography, we leverage top-tier visuals to make your property stand out.

Feedback as a Compass

After every showing, I diligently follow up with the buyer's agent to gather valuable feedback. This direct insight from the market informs our strategy, allowing us to make necessary repairs, improvements, or price adjustments for optimal results.

Navigating the Deal with Expertise

With over two decades of experience as a real estate agent since 2001, I bring a wealth of knowledge to navigate potential challenges. From unexpected curveballs to intricate issues like private road agreements, septic encroachments, and undischarged mortgages, I am equipped to guide you through every step of the selling process. Whether it's coordinating pre-listing procedures or managing the logistics of showcasing your property, I ensure a seamless experience for you.