A quick look at Bartlett, NH listing vs selling prices

If you are in the market to buy a property in Bartlett right now, here are some numbers to help with your offers strategy:

In the last 30 days, 9 homes have sold.

  • The lowest listing price was $229,500 and the average listing price was $414,155.
  • The lowest selling price was $251,050 and the average selling price was $425,694!

In that same timeframe, 7 condos have [...]

Things to do on a cloudy day in the Mt. Washington Valley!

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Even though the weather isn't going to be the best this weekend there are still tons of fun things to do in the Mt. Washington Valley.

Here are some suggestion to have a perfect fun filled weekend!

Saturday morning start your day out right by grabbing some delicious breakfast at Peach's Restaurant. located in the heart of North Conway Village. You'll be received by a pleasant, friendly and efficient staff who can insure a relaxed and delicious meal in a quaint and cozy setting from a family who is all about food and hospitality. They are open at 7am.......


Its time to see some Waterfalls!!

The month of April signals the end of winter and the prime viewing time of waterfalls. Nowhere in New England are waterfalls as abundant and accessible for viewing as they are in Mt. Washington Valley. Grab a camera and visit the following locations for the perfect spring photo opportunity and a self-guided tour of rushing [...]

Where To See A Moose

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“After God was done making everything else,” so goes an old New England saw, “He took the leftover parts and made the moose.”

That about gets it right when it comes to the large, gangly creatures who can often be seen along northern New Hampshire’s wooded roadsides.

The best places to spot a Bullwinkle J moose? The Kancamagus Highway (Route 112) is a great place to spot a moose, as are the notches of Crawford and Pinkham (U.S. Route 302 for Crawford Notch and U.S. Route 16 for Pinkham Notch).

GUIDED TOURS: Those who would rather leave the driving to others will want to take a guided tour with MWV Moose Bus Tours, North Conway‘s Moose Safari....

Day Trip It!

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Summer time is the perfect season to day trip it in New Hampshire. Between the seacoast, lakes region, and White Mountains, there are endless opportunities for new exploration. Here are a few of our favorites that your whole family should [...]

Summer Activity Ideas...Fly Fishing

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The rivers of New Hampshire provide endless opportunities for the whole family to experience the sport of Fly Fishing; an experience you will never forget. Whether it is a drift boat trip for trout and salmon on a major New Hampshire river, such as the Androscoggin, Connecticut or Pemigewasset Rivers; a wading trip on a stream; or a canoe  trip to a pristine New Hampshire brook trout pond, you will have the opportunity to view wildlife, enjoy wonderful natural sights and catch some beautiful fish.  A day fly fishing for trout and salmon with a New Hampshire Rivers guide will enhance your vacation or help you relax on a trip to North Conway and the surrounding region.

The Ellis is a great river for beginners through advanced fly fishers. It is only a ten minute drive from North Conway, making it a great destination for fly fishers on a tight schedule. The river can be fished with little walking but does have sections that require some wading and rock hopping. Whether you are looking to cover water or find a good hole that you can fish all morning, the Ellis will accommodate you. Click Here For Trip Resources & Information.

Enjoy an old fashioned experience on vintage trains


While spring brings a whole new set of activities to the Mt. Washington Valley, one of the most popular and all time favorite activities for the whole family is the Conway Scenic Railroad. From short excursions to trips that could fill your whole day, there are plenty of unique rides to choose from. The Conway Scenic Railroad is now open on weekends thru May 4th when they will be resuming their full time schedule.


The Valley Train 

Enjoy an old-fashioned railroading experience as you journey on historic rail routes in vintage passenger cars from our 1874 train station in North Conway Village to either Conway or Bartlett and back again.


Dining At The Railroad

Relive the Golden Age of Railroading aboard one of our elegant Dining Cars: the Chocorua on the Valley Trains, or the Hattie Evans on the Notch Train. Enjoy a First-Class dining experience with friendly and attentive service in a unique restaurant where the views are constantly changing.


Notch Train

Enjoy some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the East as you travel through spectacular Crawford Notch - past sheer bluffs, steep ravines, cascading brooks and streams, panoramic mountain vistas, across Frankenstein Trestle and Willey Brook Bridge - enroute to Crawford station.



CONWAY SCENIC RAILROAD, INC. | 38 Norcross Circle | PO Box 1947 | North Conway, NH 03860 | Tel: (603) 356-5251 | (800) 232-5251

Think Spring...Think Hiking

With the snow melting, the sun shining just a little brighter, and the days getting longer it's time to think about spring hiking. The Mt. Washington Valley has numerous options for hiking enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a basic walk or a lengthy trek, there are more than enough options. Below are a few of our [...]

Real Estate Technology At Its Best!

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Just Signed an Offer!



What Are Those Mountains?


Do you know what these guys did about 5 minutes before this picture was taken?  They signed an offer on a North Conway condo!  Blue Moose Vacations uses the latest technology to make your real estate process easy from step one!  Electronic signatures, online document storage, and of [...]