Vacation Rental Information


I am well-equipped to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your short term rental. Whether you are in the process of purchasing a rental property or seeking a suitable management company for an existing one, I am available to offer my professional guidance throughout the process. My background in successfully owning and operating a vacation rental business (Blue Moose Vacations) which I later sold to Vacasa in 2018, coupled with my experience in bringing new units to Vacasa's portfolio from 2018-2023, and serving as the broker for NH, positions me as a trusted advisor in the industry.

Having garnered close to 20 years of experience in the North Conway vacation rental market, I am confident in my ability to provide valuable insight and guidance in the following areas:

  • An overview of the market

  • Any regulations (current or proposed) applicable to the area or HOA in question

  • Common mistakes associated with short term rental purchases

  • Setting up a short term rental

  • Safety considerations.  

  • Homeowner's insurance for short term rentals

  • Lodging taxes

  • Different management options including self-management, limited assistance, and full-service management, with their corresponding pros and cons

  • Apps, tools, and technology that could improve your vacation rental.

  • Review and feedback of your listing once it is live

  • Information on new products and services geared towards rental owners 

Moreover, I am available to evaluate any property under consideration and provide an income projection. As an unbiased consultant, I am not affiliated with any management company, and thus, offer a neutral analysis based on your goals, personality, management style, and the property. Rest assured that with my expertise, you can confidently navigate the short term rental market and make informed decisions that align with your objectives.  

If you are using another Realtor, I will respect that relationship and only discuss rental-related information with you.  This service is not meant to solicit business from anyone working with another agency.