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2023 Sales Recap

Here's a detailed summary of the 2023 real estate statistics for towns around the Mount Washington Valley, with some added commentary:

North Conway (03860) - Single Family Homes

  • Total Sales: 45, a robust number indicating a healthy market.  That figure is down from 54 sales in 2022.
  • Price Range: $250,000 to $2,495,000. This wide range suggests a diverse market catering to various buyer segments, from affordable to luxury homes.
  • Average Selling Price: $591,129, reflecting the area's growing appeal.
  • Median Selling Price: $461,050, slightly lower than the average, indicating that more homes sold at the lower price spectrum.
  • Cash Sales: 22 out of 45 (48.9%). The high rate of cash purchases could indicate strong investor interest or a competitive market where buyers use cash to stand out.

North Conway (03860) - Condos

  • Total Sales: 43, showing a slightly less active market compared to single-family homes but still significant.  That is also down from 58 sales in 2022.
  • Price Range: $258,000 to $1,432,161, offering a range of choices for different budgets.
  • Average Selling Price: $637,278, surprisingly higher than single-family homes, due to newer or more luxurious condo developments at Cranmore.
  • Median Selling Price: $550,000, aligning closely with the average, suggesting a consistent market segment.
  • Cash Sales: 19 out of 43 (44.2%), highlighting a strong cash buyer presence, similar to the single-family home market.

Bartlett - Single Family Homes

  • Total Sales: 65, indicating a very active market.  There were 74 sales in 2022.
  • Price Range: $110,000 to $1,825,000, showcasing one of the most varied ranges in the region.
  • Average Selling Price: $683,308, which is high, possibly driven by some premium property sales.
  • Median Selling Price: $612,000, supporting the idea of a higher-priced market segment.
  • Cash Sales: 27 out of 65 (41.5%), significant but slightly lower than in North Conway, suggesting diverse buying patterns.

Bartlett - Condos

  • Total Sales: 84, the highest among all categories, signaling a booming condo market.  That is up from 72 sales in 2022.
  • Price Range: $185,000 to $1,900,000, again showing a wide range appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers.
  • Average Selling Price: $456,587, more accessible compared to single-family homes, attracting a different buyer demographic.
  • Median Selling Price: $410,000, indicating a strong mid-range market.
  • Cash Sales: 34 out of 84 (40.5%), consistent with the overall trend of substantial cash transactions in the area.

Jackson - Single Family Homes

  • Total Sales: 14, a smaller number, suggesting either limited inventory or a more exclusive market.  Jackson had 20 sales in 2022.
  • Price Range: $520,000 to $1,625,000, skewed towards higher-end properties.
  • Average Selling Price: $834,178, the highest average among the towns, indicating a premium market.
  • Median Selling Price: $742,500, closely following the average, reinforcing the luxury market trend.
  • Cash Sales: 6 out of 14 (42.9%), possibly reflecting the buying power of those targeting this exclusive area.

Jackson - Condos

  • Total Sales: 11, the least active market, which could be due to limited offerings.  It is in range with 2022’s 9 sales.
  • Price Range: $460,000 to $930,000, more compact but still offering a range of options.
  • Average Selling Price: $600,727, aligning more with the high-end market.
  • Median Selling Price: $575,000, consistent with the average, showing less variability in condo prices.
  • Cash Sales: 4 out of 11 (36.4%), the lowest percentage, but still notable.

In summary, the 2023 real estate market in the Mount Washington Valley showed strong activity with a clear inclination towards higher-end properties, especially in single-family homes. The significant proportion of cash purchases across all sectors suggests a strong investor presence and a competitive buying environment. Condos in Bartlett emerged as a particularly active segment, indicating a growing interest in this type of property.

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