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Proposed Warrant Article Would Limit STRs to 30 days

An article in today's Conway Daily Sun (click here to read article) discusses a petition article that, if passed, would regulate short-term rentals to 30 days or less.  Here is a quick summary of the article:

  • Article Focus: A petitioned warrant article proposed by Sun Publisher Mark Guerringue, aiming to regulate short-term rentals (STRs) in Conway.
  • Article Provisions:
    • Limits the use of one- and two-family homes in residential areas for short-term rentals to 30 calendar days per year unless they meet state safety code standards.
    • Excludes seasonal rentals (90+ days) and traditional long-term rentals, as well as multi-family homes and condo complexes.
  • Public Hearing and Voting: Scheduled for a public hearing on January 25 and will be voted on in April.
  • Definition of STR: Any property rented for more than 30 days per year that isn’t a long-term lease.
  • Safety Compliance: STRs exceeding 30 days must comply with state safety and fire codes.
  • Article Objectives:
    • Balances property rights and controls the STR investor trend.
    • Aims to discourage investors from converting homes into hotels.
    • Seeks to slow down property value inflation caused by investors.
  • Legal Drafting: Attorney Chris Meier drafted the article, focusing on legal viability.
  • Enforcement: Utilization of databases tracking STRs and tax records for enforcement.
  • Town's Proposal: A separate warrant article for inspecting and certifying long- and short-term rentals, also to be voted on in April.
  • Support and Opposition:
    • Planning and budget committee members support the article.
    • The Mt. Washington Valley Association for Responsible Rentals criticizes its enforceability and practicality.
    • Questions raised about the exclusion of certain residential areas and the impact on existing STRs.
  • Grandfathering Clause: Debate over the application of grandfathering to existing STRs.

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