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Conway May Move Forward With Inspections, Votes or Not...

It sounds like the town of Conway's licensing program, or some version of it, will move forward whether voters pass it or not...

An article in today's Conway Daily Sun (click here for full article) breaks it down.

  • Conway adopted a rental license and inspection program last year.
  • Selectmen decided to present the same program as a warrant article for an April vote.
  • The program will continue running until the vote and may persist even if the warrant article fails.
  • Two versions of the program exist due to different legal foundations: one under selectmen's authority and the other as a zoning update.
  • Public meetings are scheduled for community discussion about the program.
  • A group led by planning board member Eliza Grant influenced the decision to offer the rental program as a warrant article.
  • The Mt. Washington Valley Association for Responsible Rentals previously attempted to persuade selectmen to do the same.
  • Despite potential voting, the selectmen's version of the program may continue.
  • Selectmen will determine the program's future based on the vote outcome and community feedback.
  • As of the article's publication, 127 rental licenses had been granted.
  • Differences between the selectmen's version and the warrant article include the process for appeals, renewals, and compliance certificates.
  • Concerns were raised about the redundancy and clarity of the program's direction.

So, it will go to the voters.... but that may not matter.  It has been quite an interesting topic to follow.

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