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Navigating North Conway property lines with On X Hunt


When purchasing land, whether for personal or commercial use, understanding the intricacies of property boundaries is crucial. For buyers exploring potential properties, it’s essential to have accurate and reliable tools at your disposal to make informed decisions. One such tool that is transforming the way buyers evaluate land is the OnX Hunt app. Originally designed for hunters to identify public and private boundaries, OnX Hunt is equally valuable for land buyers due to its detailed mapping and GPS capabilities.

Why OnX Hunt is a Game-Changer for Land Buyers

Accurate Property Boundaries

One of the primary concerns for any land purchase is knowing exactly where your property begins and ends. OnX Hunt uses advanced GPS technology to show highly accurate boundary lines in real-time. This feature is incredibly helpful during property visits, ensuring that you, as a buyer, are fully aware of the land's limits and can plan accordingly for any future use you might envision.

Access to Topographical and Satellite Imagery

Understanding the physical characteristics of a property is just as important as knowing its boundaries. OnX Hunt provides buyers with detailed topographical maps and satellite imagery, offering a comprehensive view of the terrain. This information is crucial for assessing the usability of the land, be it for construction, agriculture, or conservation purposes.

Mobile Convenience

OnX Hunt’s mobile accessibility means you can have this valuable information right at your fingertips while you're on-site. This can enhance your ability to make immediate assessments and decisions as you walk the property. The app’s easy-to-use interface allows you to switch views between satellite imagery, topographical maps, and hybrid overlays, providing a multi-dimensional perspective of the land.

How Buyers Can Leverage OnX Hunt When Assessing Land

Pre-Visit Research

Before visiting a property, use OnX Hunt to familiarize yourself with its layout. You can view the property’s boundaries, topographical details, and other geographical features ahead of time, which helps in planning your visit and knowing what areas you might want to inspect more closely.

During Property Tours

Bring OnX Hunt with you during property tours. Use the app to verify the boundaries shown by the seller or agent against what is officially recorded. This not only provides peace of mind but also aids in visualizing potential development or use of the space. Discuss what you see with your agent or the seller to clarify any discrepancies or concerns right there and then.

Integration with Other Research

Combine the data from OnX Hunt with other property information you gather, such as local zoning laws, environmental restrictions, and previous land uses. This comprehensive approach will give you a fuller understanding of what the land offers and any limitations it might have.

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