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Ossipee NH now requires STR permit

The Town of Ossipee has implemented a new short-term rental ordinance, effective from June 4, 2024. This move comes as a response to the growing popularity of short-term rentals and aims to ensure the safety of occupants while minimizing disruptions to neighborhoods. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know about this new ordinance.


The ordinance was passed to regulate short-term rentals (STRs) in Ossipee, aiming to balance the interests of property owners with the concerns of the community. The primary goals are to ensure the safety of occupants and to prevent disturbances in residential areas.


A short-term rental in Ossipee is defined as any individually or collectively owned single-family house, dwelling unit, condominium, cooperative, or timeshare that is rented out for less than 30 consecutive days. This definition excludes campers, camping trailers, and tents.

Permit Requirements

Starting June 4, 2024, all short-term rental units must have a permit issued by the town. Here’s the process:

  1. Application: Property owners must submit an application, available at the Town Hall or on the town’s website.
  2. Approval: The application must be signed by the Selectboard or its designee.
  3. Validity: Permits are valid for two years and must be renewed before expiration to avoid interruptions in rental operations.
  4. Fee: A permit fee is required, as determined by the Board of Selectmen’s fee schedule.

Terms and Conditions

Several conditions must be met to operate a short-term rental in Ossipee:

  1. Guest Limits: The maximum number of guests is determined by the number of bedrooms, with a limit of two people per bedroom plus two additional guests.
  2. Tax Compliance: Homeowners must provide proof of a current NH Rooms and Meals Tax license or the rental agency details if taxes are paid through an agency.
  3. Trash Management: Homeowners must ensure that trash is regularly removed and does not accumulate.
  4. Occupancy Limits: These limits must not be exceeded.
  5. Safety Inspection: A safety inspection by the Zoning Officer/Building Inspector is required before a permit is issued.
  6. Non-Transferability: Permits are not transferable; new owners must obtain their own permits.
  7. Signage and Parking: Signage must comply with the Ossipee Sign Ordinance, and all vehicles must be parked in designated areas on the property.
  8. Noise and Conduct: Guests must adhere to town ordinances and state laws, and avoid causing noise disturbances.

Safety Inspection

The safety inspection process ensures the following:

  • Functioning smoke and CO detectors.
  • Proper emergency egress windows and doors.
  • Functional fire extinguishers in kitchen areas.
  • Handrails and railings that conform to the NH State Building Code.
  • Compliance with codes in effect at the time the building was constructed, particularly for older homes.


There are specific activities prohibited under this ordinance:

  • Incidental Camping: No camping or sleeping in tents, travel trailers, or recreational vehicles on the property.
  • Subletting: Guests cannot sublet the rental property.
  • Special Events: The property cannot be used for special events.

Enforcement and Revocation

Violations of the ordinance can lead to significant consequences:

  • Fines: Violators can be fined $1,000 per violation, with each day constituting a separate violation.
  • Permit Revocation: The Board of Selectmen can revoke permits for repeated violations, after notice and a public hearing.
  • Complaints: Three validated noise complaints within one year can result in permit revocation.
  • Reapplication: If a permit is revoked, the homeowner cannot reapply for one year.

Ossipee’s new short-term rental ordinance is designed to regulate the increasing number of short-term rentals in the town, ensuring they operate safely and without disturbing the community. Property owners looking to rent their properties on a short-term basis must comply with these regulations to continue their operations legally and responsibly. For more detailed information or to access the application form, visit the Town of Ossipee’s official website.